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As soon as the marketing personnel enter your office, he starts throwing around the term ergonomics now and then. Even the orthopedist, you consult for a spinal discomfort mentions this word casually. For some the word ergonomics have specific meaning, for others it is something that covers every single vague idea they have about anything. With all this verbal rain round you, there is no doubt that you too want to know what exactly this term ‘ergonomics’ mean.

Derived fro the Greek word ergon, meaning work and nonoil meaning natural laws Ergonomics is the art and science of designing an equipment, job or workplace that satisfy the needs of the employees. Application of ergonomics is, required to prevent work injuries, stress and repetitive strain that can at times cause permanent disability over a period of time. The core concept behind ergonomics is to understand and improve human interactions with products, equipments, environment and work system. It aims to develop and apply knowledge and techniques to improvise system performance, along with protecting the health, safety and well being of individuals. However the application of this ergonomics is not limited within his work systems, it can cut across leisure and other aspects of our common day-to-day lives.

If you are confused with the whole technical terms out there, let me give you a simple explanation. Ergonomics in literal sense is the science of making things comfortable. If you have the power to see beyond things, then probably you must have got the idea that this concept leads to efficiency and comfortable productivity along with healthy work environment. Now the issue is what exactly is ‘efficiency’ and ‘comfort’.

What is efficiency?

Efficiency in simple thoughts is making something easier to do so as to generate the willingness and likeness to do it again. Efficiency can be achieved through many ways such as decreasing the physical strain, reducing the frequency of number of steps involved in a task or by reducing the number of parts making the repairing task more efficient.

Ergonomics focus on two primary goals, productivity and health. It is relevant in the creation of those kinds of equipments and accessories that can contribute to the smooth application of ergonomic ideas.

What is comfort?

Comfort is one of the greatest unique selling propositions of any product or concept. It is much more than easy handling of task. Physical comfort is something, which every ergonomists tries to achieve. For example, if you don’t like the look of it, you are hesitant to touch it. If you don’t want to touch it, it will not operate. If it is not being operated or functioned, it is useless.

Concept of ergonomics becomes useful when it is applied to increase productivity. Though it is commonly used in terms of products, its application cannot be ignored in the design of services and processes. When the user is exposed to the product, the very answer to the question of optimum utilization of product or services generates ergonomics. If you are willing to do something more often and you like doing it end number of times, the ergonomics applied can be considered as successful one.


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