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Collaboration between Don Chadwick and Bill Stumpf resulted in the creation of Aeron chairs. Chadwick, with a background in innovative materials and Stumpf, a restless researcher in ergonomics contributed to the overall design of the Aeron chairs. The product turned out to be well built chair that combines the appearance of robustness with the lightness of semi transparent material called pellicle, which was used to cover the seat and back. Rounded edges, tulip shaped seat and the trademark stretch made the chair claim to be orthopedic, ergonomically correct and in someway different and less expensive than other office chairs available in the market.

However from today’s perspective the growth of Aeron chairs may sound like a foul play but the actual history is the story of evolution with constant experimentation and design optimizations. Since 1970’s, Herman Miller began to associate with ergonomics and work seating. He hired Chadwick and Stumpf to re work on the traditional designs. Their first innovative product was ‘ergon’, a still traditionally looking office chair but with a clever tweak on the seat that supported and corrected the hips, pelvis and spine position. The ergon is still available today in the market as ergon3.Consequetly ‘equa’ was presented in the year 1984, with a combination of ergonomics with a new back mounted on the flexible dual beam system.

Finally in the year 1994, Herman Miller presented the Aeron, a radical redesign combining the positive attributes of both ergo and equa. This model was equipped with breathable polyester fabric, adjustable lumbar system, natural tilt mechanism compiling ergonomics and functionality. A reasonable employer was left with no other chance than buying this innovative ergonomic office chair. Its novel design gained apposition for itself in the Museum of Modern art permanent collection. The chair exclusively became the symbol of dot com bubble that dominated the 90’s era of development.

Combining distinctive look with ergonomics, Aeron performs like no other chair. It adapts naturally and effectively to accommodate people of all sizes. The imaginative design of both work and side chairs give supreme finish, texture, comfort and most importantly body support that can never be matched.

The Aeron design available in market today is designed and processed after expert opinions and pilot study. It was test for comfort with scores of users before introducing it into the market. The chair’s motions and postures were evaluated by leading orthopedic specialists, ergonomists and physical therapist. During the pilot study phase, the design team conducted a anthropometrics survey across the country, using a specially designed instrument that calculated everything from forearm length to popliteal height.

Although Aeron chairs remind us of George Nelson designs, it finally had a distinguished look of its own. Its unique shape expressed the purpose and the material composition. It also revealed the mechanism of connection used in the ergonomically advanced chairs. The airy quality of the whole thing was contributed by the transparent material and reflective nature of the surface. Durability is one of the noted worthy features of Aeron chairs. Its parts are easily replaceable and recyclable, stressing its commitment to the eco friendly environment.


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