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About 2 decades now since the arrival of HAG Chairs in the scene of ergonomic chairs, the manufacturer, HAG, has always been keen on seeking ways to help the environment. In these days when we all want to rid pollution off our land, his great dream has brought another glimmer of hope to our "gloomy" environment, through the production of a series of environmentally friendly ergonomic chairs. HAG Futu is the latest series of office chairs. Apart from making chairs which are very friendly to the environment, the company has gone a step further to comply with all strict environmental standards in their manufacturing processes.

In the manufacturing process, HAG has found a different way out without having to use the environmentally unfriendly Chromium-plating or glue. Instead, they use as few as only 7 different materials to turn the chairs into a processed safe commodity!

No wonder as much as 95-99% of the chair is recyclable! And to the credit of HAG Industries, 50% of the components used are recyclable materials. This goes to show how conscious of the environment his company can be!

The company's profile dwells on seeking new possibilities through strong focus and determination to produce creative methods to safeguard our environment. Its passion for the environment can be traced as back as in 1991 when the company started recycling soft drink screw caps and ketchup bottles in order to use the recycled products in the components of its plastic chairs. Even up till today, we still find HAG using shampoo bottles and aluminium in its chair production.

Remarkably, HAG Chairs are so elegant that you can hardly trace them to their origins! One of their quality products is the HAG FU TU CHAIR.

Apart from the impeccable design, HAG FU TU has a revolutionary interior. At the balance core, there is a new innovative in-balance mechanism that lets you adjust the tilt resistance depending on your ergonomic needs.

Retroversion of Capisco is another ergonomic chair which will take your breath away with its unique shape! It stands out, out-stretching its arms as if welcoming you to come and sit down! The saddle-shaped seat is a product of extensive research into the style of the horsemen. The saddle seat gives you unparalleled ease to swing into different positions you cannot get with any other chair!

Chiropractors too are not left out by HAG in the designs of quality ergonomic chairs! This kneeling chair, called "Balans chair", uses the right angle style to sitting. The Balans chair forces the hip forward while balancing its user. In this position, the ergonomic chair enhances your breathing, offers flexibility and helps to reduce heavy pressure on the lumbar portion of your back!

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