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One of America's leading manufacturers and marketers of business furniture’s, workspace accessories and fireplaces is HON INDUSTRIES Inc. From low beginnings the company has now become a big business empire whose an annual turnover nearing the billion dollars mark. They currently have offices, showrooms, distribution and manufacturing centres all over America.

Hon was a dream conceived on the mind of C Maxwell Stanley who chose to discuss it with his long-time friend, Clement T. Hanson that he would wish both of them set up a manufacturing business after the World War The discussion took place on a Sunday afternoon in Iowa, way back in 1943. They both agreed to work and put together their material wealth, time, and wealth of experience (in Commerce and Engineering) each of them had. The company went through a lot of changes, in fact turbulent times, when only what they could fall back upon was a loan. However, the marketing breakthrough of Hon ringed a bell when it opted into the wholesale market, raking in millions of sales. The tremendous growth in the 1960's also saw to a change in management and this further enhanced the sales recorded.

Now in the 21st century, the company still positions itself for greatness, waxing stronger by each event. Today, the leadership has maintained its position for continued growth nationally while expanding its presence internationally too. HON, one of Fortune most admired companies, has distinguished itself in providing small and medium-sized businesses with professional office furnishings that give durability, comfort and improved performance of the workplace. HON has earned an unparallel brand name in the world of ergonomic products and chairs. Here a few of their ergonomic chairs which always command respect from users?

HON Mobius Chair is a favorite of people with ergonomic needs. It is carefully crafted with a passively flexing back that gives room for healthy body shifts for the rest of the day. Another flawless design in its category is the Chicago Good Design Award-winning Alaris Work Chair. It has a pivoting back that turns horizontally as you shift your back while the seat remains fixed to its position. The Hon Pillow Soft Chair collection is the best way to comfort in both fabric and leather options you can choose from. When only the finest is what you are looking for in both quality and style, it is better to go for the leather series.

HON has taken its time to build an amazing collection of quality ergonomic chairs because they believe that each work environment is unique and user cannot be the same. Therefore, each HON chair has been carefully made to appear, feel and function in a unique way to serve a variety of purposes and different work demands. HON products are one of the best seating solutions in the world of ergonomic chairs. Its products are reputed for comfort offered in a stylish design!


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