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Interstuhl is a private German family company under the control of Mr Werner Link who is the Managing Director, and his two sons, Jochim and Helmut, alongside his sister Mrs Lenor Link. Interstuhl is a company that has a strong personal relationship with its customers and business partners. Under the competent managerial skills of this wonderful German family, Interstuhl has been saddled with creating impressive ergonomic chairs to meet the yearnings and aspirations of its teeming customers. In the light of its philosophy, Interstuhl has been producing seating solutions that exceed customer expectations in a unique way because the required specifications function and ergonomics have been fitted flawlessly together and even better! Users can now work creatively with their ergonomic chairs at great ease. Interstuhl was a company that started out with the making of specialized chairs for the textile industry by Wilhem Link, a blacksmith from Tieringie as far back in the early sixties.

Forty years after, Interstuhl amazingly was able to achieve the feat of creating its twenty millionth chairs which was on its way out of the factory in 2004!

One of the greatest ergonomic chairs to ever come out of Interstuhl is the Fit Chair. It was designed by Zurich -based ergonomic chair designer, Christine Ludeke. Fit is one of the rare innovations that bewilder the usual notion of seating! Although the features and qualities of the ergonomic chair may appear hidden at a brief look, a closer look will take your breath away! The ease with which it gives the user by being able to slant at 60 degrees, giving its user the sweet seating sensation, is quite commendable! Thanks to the design obtained through the use of state of the art weaving methods and modern fibers’!

The fabric spread between the chrome-plated steel plates is an intricately knitted Trevira fabric. The Fit chair has been designed using the latest advancement in weaving to produce different woven zones and areas of firmer and softer seating, while giving the ergonomic chair a high level of support to accommodate different back weights. The open mesh structure so formed by the weaving method ensures that there is adequate air circulation and heat is taken away from the body.

Interstuhl furniture products are remarkable ergonomic chairs you cannot do without having in your work station. The company employs rigorous production techniques, never forgetting at every stage what features you, the user of their product, will want to have in a good ergonomic chair. They have gone through the rig our, so that you their customer can "savor the flavor"! Try out one of their unique designs today and be glad for it!


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