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IronHorse Seating Company is a company that has indeed gone the extra mile in the world of ergonomic chairs. In today's world where people are spending more time in the sitting position, especially while working at the office, this company just will not give up in their quest to support you fully through your hard tasks which can only get solved when you sit for hours. The company has the vision of making it possible for you to be happy doing your routine tasks rather than get you entrapped within a chair which gives you nothing but pains. That is why it has focused a lot of its attention to produce quality ergonomic chairs that will not only serve you but will be worthy of its use through excellent service in terms of durability, affordability and efficiency. Check out the ergonomic chairs discussed below.

The Iron Horse Seating Pedestal seats have been made for commercial duty bolt down applications. Heavy duty pedestals come with 5/16" wall thickness tubes with a self lubricating bronze to give it the needed extra smooth lubrication for effective action. There is also a seat frame which has been welded by a robot to give a solid seat pan. The pan is a 14 gauge steel pan to give long cushioning service life. The cushions have also been carefully molded taking into cognizance the structure of the human body so as to give you long hours of seated comfort. You also get a full-range backrest recline.

The lumber support is an inflatable type and comes with easy ergonomically positioned controls. This lumbar facilitates a good stay on the seat in cases where you prolong sitting for hours. The chair has been made strong enough to carry a weight of up to 350lbs and a user stature for 1000MC, between 5'6"~ 6'.1". You can easily adjust the headrest height and tilt to your desired level of comfort and peace! It has a heavy duty double locking side rails, with a 7" before and after adjustment.

Iron Horse chairs have been rigorously designed to endure the most demanding pressure in locations like dispatch centre’s, 911 and call centre’s, boardrooms, conference rooms or even executive suites in order to provide a lasting comfort and support for the day's tasks. The office chairs come with top ace styling, materials ergonomic features which are bound to exceed your comfort expectations no matter what kind of discriminating executive you are. The big and tall Iron Horse office chairs have been particularly crafted to accommodate persons with large sizes and are suitable for a lot of applications. The robust designs present industrial grade strength and quality build to withstand all time intensive use. Iron horse offers the world's finest seating you can get in today's world where the in-thing is ergonomic chairs. Why not consider riding on an Iron horse today and experience the difference?


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