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For almost three decades now, RFM has been a household brand name, highly reputed in the area of producing seating that dwells much on smart style, ergonomics and solid craftsmanship! With the right solid foundation, this company has grown from a one-man business to becoming one of the world's leading manufacturers in ergonomic chair industry. Their seating has been ergonomically engineered to provide an enhanced working environment in so many ranges of applications, from intensive 24-hour shift work to executive boardrooms. From the Pacific Northwest, RFM manufactures some of the world's best fitting chairs and still offers one of the best ranges of options to choose from. Multiple seat sizes, back heights and arms options, and also a variety of adjustment choices for the chair are just some fantastic choices they pamper their customers with! The options have been linked together to create a virtual custom fit with fantastic ergonomic benefits. No matter your size, shape or work activity, RFM office chairs have been so crafted to accommodate and support you by making you healthier and more productive while your activity becomes less stressful! For a company that has won the best Customer Service Award, respecting the customers' requests and ensuring on-time delivery of products at the right time has been the "spirit" behind their success story. Here is one of their remarkable products that reflect their stylish design and is worth your money!

The RFM Carmel High Back Executive chair is a chair that comes with a flawless design having a unique narrow upper back shell that allows the body to sit naturally the way it was designed to sit. A special thoracic ridge has been added in order to cradle your body and give you optimum support while you sit. There is also an added pillow to enhance the comfort created by the chair. If you want to stand out some more from others, you can simply add the memory foam and tractor seat provided!

The back design has been carefully provided to give you the "Shoulders back" posture which reduces stress greatly. The thoracic support helps you feel great through its narrow upper back shell and the thoracic ridge earlier mentioned. The chair has been stylishly designed so that elbow interference with the back of the chair is greatly reduced and you can have the desired freedom. This ergonomic chair can conveniently accommodate an amazing weight of up to 300lbs! It has a 27" nylon resin base in order to allow for safety. The RFM ergonomic chair has a 55mm dual- hooded black coaster so as to allow for easy movement too. The product gladly meets all CAL 17 flammability standards. It is surely worth a trial!


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