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HAG chairs are some of the world's most beautiful designs which reflect the principles of ergonomics. HAG chairs are beautiful ergonomic products which have been carefully created in order to suit the needs of an individual user and satisfy all the basic comfort requirements so as to make their working environment a pleasure! Below are a few ergonomic chairs coming out from HAG industries?

HAG FUTU CHAIR comes in an impeccable design and has a revolutionary interior of splendor. A new innovative in-balance mechanism that lets you adjust the tilt resistance depending on your ergonomic needs has been provided for at the core. The unique design of this wonderful chair has been carried out in such a way as to appeal to its user and provide comfort all in one place!

Retroversion of Capisco is another HAG ergonomic chair that will take your breath away with its unique shape! It stands out, out-stretching its arms as if welcoming you to come and sit down! The saddle-shaped seat is a product of extensive research into the stylish of the proud symbol of the horseman. The saddle seat has been uniquely designed to give you an unparalleled ease and ability to swing into different positions you cannot get with any other chair. With the manufacture of this chair, HAG has redefined the definition of an ergonomic chair by including "style"!

Chiropractors too are not left out by HAG in the designs of an quality ergonomic chairs! This HAG chair is what is called an epitome of a kneeling chair. It is often called the "Balans chair". It has been fashioned to use the right angle approach to sitting. This HAG Balans chair pushes the hip forwards as it balances its user in peaceful and gently manner. In this position, the ergonomic chair enhances the breathing, offers flexibility and helps to reduce heavy pressure on the lumber portion of your back. This chair has been stylishly designed, bearing in mind the ideal posture of what your lumbar bone should reflect!

HAG has been thoroughly into research on a number of ways to comfort you through your routine tasks of long hours. HAG also values the environment and looks for ways to reduce environmental hazards which threaten our survival here on earth. To this end, HAG is investing millions of dollars on how to make you and the environment in perfect condition. No wonder it has taken it upon itself to always produce quality ergonomic chairs which are all recyclable, and also from recycled materials. That is why HAG chairs have continued to stand out in the world of workplace ergonomics!


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