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Monitor arms help in adjusting the monitors according to the eye level, thereby enabling you to enjoy your work with computers. Monitor arms from Humanscale come with unique features making them a perfect for different office environments. They provide a range of monitor arms that are suitable for monitors with a flat panel. They come with the benefit of being able to be mounted to these arms. Humanscale monitor support is known for their silky look and extreme stability and enables the users to place their monitors in a comfortable position.

Monitor arms that enable easy customization of height, depth and angle of monitors are available from Humanscale. If the users are not able to get the maximum advantage of using these, the product cannot be a useful one. That is why it is necessary to choose a reliable manufacturer of monitor accessories such as the Humanscale.

If you are looking for monitor arms with lots of mounting options, the Humanscale would be a best choice. These monitor accessories also help in keeping the monitors away when not needed. The most important features of these monitor accessories is their ability to fix the monitors at a convenient position, thereby helping to get rid of several problems such as eye strain, neck strain etc.

If you need to analyse the various products available from Humanscale, the following information would be helpful to you:

M7: This product was selected for the esteemed 2003 Gold Award and is highly elegant, stable and adjustable. These were constructed by keeping in mind the demanding specifications of the computer users. These monitor arms have been constructed mostly by using recycled materials.

Humanscale m2: The M2 monitor arms for monitors from Humanscale are examples of monitor accessories with exceptional depth and height adjustability and the process can be done without much effort. They are very popular among the accessories available for flat plane monitors. The specifications associated with these monitor accessories include monitor rotation of 360 degrees, VESA compatible, vertical range angle (160 degrees and 200 degrees), construction from die-cast aluminium and steel and is the reason for their high durability and strength, power-coat finish and warranty for ten long years.

Paramount: Humanscale is planning to introduce the monitor arms with a capacity to support 8 monitors in a single monitor arm. This unique design helps the users to enjoy ergonomic view for about 8 monitors. The removal and addition of monitors would not take much time and can be easily mounted to horizontal or vertical surface. The height can be adjusted according to the user requirement. For reducing clutter, this accessory is provided with incorporated cable management facility. The downsizing or expansion of the self-contained system does not require separate components or tools.


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