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A company that was leading the ergonomic sitting way in 1989 was Neutral posture which began its operations then. In fact, two decades from now, Neutral Posture will still be respected as the company which has re-defined what the world knows about ergonomic chairs now. The history of this noble company has proven that if we utilize creativity effectively, we will discover new creative ways to handle our challenges.

In 1989 following the discovery of the body Neutral Posture by NASA, both mother and daughter (Jaye and Rebecca Congleton) saw the NASA's discovery as an opportunity to distribute Dr Congleton's ground-breaking research on a seating system that would support the natural posture of the body. With the daughter, Rebecca, being there to help her mother with her research, Mrs Congleton after the "hurdles" of going through series of training in the Air force and a career in Industrial Engineering and Safety, eventually found a basis for the neutral posture seating concept. It had to do with the seating system of pressure-reducing contours and custom-fitting adjustments.

A few years later, both mother and daughter were able to raise enough capital to raise Neutral Posture Inc. even though they worked from their garage at that time. They started out with the generous policy, which is still in use till today, of providing models for their customers.

From a very low level beginning, Neutral Posture Inc. Has now grown global with many award-winning ergonomic chairs expressing how elegance and beautifully crafted designs can have your way to sound health for the user. Being the only Certified Women's Business Enterprise in seating, Neutral Posture is noted for quality, customer service and value with the most exceptional products in the furniture industry.

The ergonomic chairs produced by Neutral Posture are unique. The elegant quality designs create a lasting impression in your workstations. They have been beautifully crafted in a way to give you optimum service delivery at the office or workstations. Whichever of the excellent quality ergonomic chairs you decide to go for, be sure the features meet your needs. But as for any Neutral Posture ergonomic chairs, you do not have to worry because, it has been crafted with enough care to give you the neutral ideal posture to ensure your muscles and vital organs are relaxed enough to make you focus on the job!


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