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RECARO is a German company based in Kirchem under Tech, around Stuttgart. It is a reputable company that is noted for its elegant racing-style seat for mainframe manufacturers. The company was founded in 1906 by Wilhem Reuter and was popular with building limousine bodies in the 1920s. 10 years later, they included the production of bodies for the Volkswagen Beetle, and Porsche in 1949. In 1963 however, the company was sold to Porsche and a lot of transformations have taken place since then!

Recently, the 1990s saw many periods of change for RECARO. In home town Germany, the name changed to RECARO GmbH & Co. KG. Expanded operations led to the establishment of RECARO North America Inc. at Oakland, Michigan, RECARO UK Ltd in Birmingham, RECARO South East Asia in Kuala, Lumpur, Malaysia, while RECARO Japan Co Ltd and RECARO France were established in Kyoto and La Rochelle respectively. Nevertheless, Recaro seats can be found in a lot of modern car models like Aston Martin V03, Audi S and R models, just to mention a few. RECARO line went the extra mile to add side airbags to their seats. Other products manufactured by the company apart from automobile include but not limited to seats for aircraft and wheel chairs. Their seats also proudly reign supreme at VIP lounge and various international stadia as they also pride on impeccable quality designs of ergonomic office chairs too.

Apart from the quality seat designs you see in world elite's sport and luxury cars, RECARO has stood out stylishly in the design of magnificent ergonomic office chairs too.

Their ergonomic chairs have been so carefully designed, bearing in mind to every detail the requirements of their customers. To RECARO, holding you well in the chair is the key while supporting the natural curve of your back is their passion! Their ergonomic chairs are designed to thoroughly support you with the comfort you need to perform your routine long-hour tasks at the office. RECARO has spent millions of dollars on development costs, expert design, engineering and testing to produce flawless quality products that give full satisfaction when in use! The feat they pride on comes from their finest internal expertise and racing circuit experience.

RECARO Heavy Duty Office Chairs are indeed excellent heavy duty tools which feature wider seat cushions, thigh extensions, seat cushion tilt and ultra large backrests for added convenience! The commercial duty chairs also come with "LiquiCell", which is a thin liquid-filled padding innovation designed to relieve pain occasioned by prolonged periods of sitting. This innovative advancement is indeed a product of cutting-edge technology. The liquid-filled pads can be found below the leather seating surface of the seat cushion. According to Research, LiquiCell protects against dangerous effects of friction and stress, therefore operator discomfort and fatigue is greatly reduced! Medical and scientific evidence also supports that the padding is a lot better and offers more protection against stress and friction (which are the two seating discomfort) than foam, gel or air.

The exceptional design and protection of RECARO products, especially their HEAVY DUTY OFFICE CHAIRS, cannot be covered in mere words until you experience them. In fact, seeing and sitting is believing!


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