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Sparking out of Nevada like the North Pole star is the hot seating specialist of over 20 years of establishment... VIA! VIA Seating dishes out an array of solutions from conference, executive to lounge and occasional use. The company prides in providing the very best of quality, comfort and value to its teeming customers while ensuring that they get full satisfaction from their products within a reasonable length of use. Their products are reputed for high standards and availability in 15 different leathers and over 110 stock fabrics!

Via is famous for producing functional, executive and luxurious seating. Its executive solutions give an exceptional value which combines the high back executive seating experience with the flexibility of an excellent task chair. To meet the needs of ergonomic chairs and requirements, VIA makes it easy to custom build a chair so as to meet the needs of a particular individual. For example, VIA offers different ergonomic chair models to accommodate different sizes; a choice of adjustments and controls for different individuals too. As regards the lounge, conference and guest seating, it is possible to specify for a wide range of environments and applications with VIA. Here a few of their ergonomic chairs worth considering.

Terra Task Chair is one of the unique ergonomic chairs that have been rigorously crafted and yet, the chair comes within an affordable price range. It is not too expensive; neither does it come cold cheap! The greatness of this ergonomic chair lies in the fact that it is not a one-size-fit-all solution to every ergonomic need. With this ergonomic chair, you have the option of three back support sizes, three seat sizes, four adjustable seat mechanisms and a whole lot of fabric grades and colors too. VIA Terra chair has been hot-selling for many years now and the price is still quite commendable compared to other ergonomic chairs available in the market today, and also the quality and durability of the product. It is an ergonomic chair so beautifully designed to enable you carry out your tasks more easily and effectively while in the sitting position.

The Via Swooper is yet another fantastic product coming out from the collection of beautiful designs from VIA Seating. VIA swooper is a revolutionary modern concept in traditional seating. This ergonomic tool gives you full flexible move met, allows you to tilt, sway (and even bounce!), while performing a seated task at the same time. The health benefits here are 1. It provides quick relief to back pain. 2. It strengthens the conditioning of your muscles at the back and abdomen. 3. It improves your seating posture and offers great stability to the spine. In fact, with this chair, seating is a lot fun, energizing and healthy activity!

An ergonomic chair that can be customized for the cohesive look you want in a chair
is the VIA Riva Chair. It features a curved design and gives the opportunity to upholster the outer shell. You can adjust to the desired height through the ratchet back height adjustment. The arm pads are made from the durable soft-skinned urethane foam while the entire product has been made from environmentally-friendly polyurethane to give you long-lasting comfort. It comes with a pneumatic gas cylinder height adjustment with a 360 degree swivel. The sophisticated ergonomic tool meets or exceeds all ANSI standards.

VIA ergonomic chairs are ideal models that have helped in a great number of ways to ensure that sitting can be a whole lot of comfort and not just confining one to a chair. In fact, their products speak more volume of words that can just be covered here. Try one and see things for yourself today!


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